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03/11/2005 - Version 1.05 released!
I've been sitting on this for ages because I couldn't remember what I'd changed,
I think they removed the non-XML info from a version of MAME and therefore I had
to recode so it would use the XML one. Not fully sure and this version is over a year
old. I'm not sure it will even work with the latest version of MAME because I'm a
good few versions out myself, so handle with extreme care! I'm only doing this now
because I've noticed that quite a few people are still downloading 1.04, which I'm
pretty sure will not work at all. Watch this space.

23/07/2004 - Version 1.04 released!
Added support for BIOS ROMs and CHD files - this means a couple of extra
parameters are needed for the mass download tool, it now looks like this:

MDTool nameofgame destinationdirectory romtype(BIOS|CHD|ROM) CHDFileName

Note that these new types are not cleaned by "Clean Current ROMs" - they are
only picked up as missing and therefore added to the NeededRoms.txt during a "List
Needed ROMs". This means that if a BIOS or CHD file is updated (redumped, whatever)
and starts causing one or more games to fail its audit it will be the game roms that
get deleted while the bad BIOS/CHD will remain, quite happily messing things up
each and every time you do the audit. The only fix for the time being is to make
sure that the BIOS and CHD files you have on your system are absolutely correct
before you start. Obviously this diminishes the usefulness of an automatic ROM
utility, but I'm working on it!

BIOS ROMs are now picked up automatically (along with CHD files) rather than
having to be manually input.
Bad ROMs are now copied to your directory of choice before being blown away -
this does not include extraneous ROMs.

03/07/2003 - Information regarding MrTool
Okay, I've recently used MrTool to update MAME from version 0.61 to 0.70
so I thought people would just like to know that it's still relevant, with the following observations:

1) It doesn't know anything about games which require compressed hard disk images.
This means that a game will show up as bad if it requires a chd file and you don't
have the file in place before you start. So you may have the roms installed perfectly,
but without the chd, the roms will get removed on a "Clean Current ROMs"

2) It can't pick up on a bad BIOS file.
The neogeo.zip file has been updated somewhere between the two MAME versions
mentioned above. This meant that all my Neo Geo roms were removed, when all I needed
was to update this file first! Bummer.

3) It can't pick up on new BIOS files.
I had a load of new games flagged, which were then dutifully obtained, only
to be immediately deleted because I didn't have the parent BIOS.

So there you have it - make sure your BIOS files are up to date and complete,
and that you have any required chd files before you start, and MrTool is still
able to perform with the most recent version of MAME!

(By the way, the current BIOS list looks like this - NeoGeo.zip, CVS.zip, PlayCh10.zip, DecoCass.zip, PGM.zip, stvbios.zip, skns.zip, konamigx.zip)

27/01/2003 - Attn D.G.!
I've tried to reply to your e-mail several times, but your mail server
is refusing the connection - do you have an alternate address? Mail me!

08/02/2002 - Version 1.03 released!
Added a status bar
Fixed "Delete Extra ROM's" - it wasn't picking up on all extra files
Fixed "Delete Bad ROM's" - zip files whose contents had changed 100 percent
from one version to the next weren't being picked up as bad, MAME just
ignores these. Now extra checking takes place to weed them out - this had
the added effect of completely replacing the "Delete Extra ROMs" functionality,
so the two buttons are now merged and known as "Clean Current ROMs"

17/09/2001 - Version 1.02 released!
Added support for double-click removal of items in exclusion list
Fix for odd directory changes when using common dialog in Windows 2000
Changed the add exclusion button to call common dialog rather than an input box

13/09/2001 - Version 1.01 released!
This program helps you to clean your ROM set,
by deleting out of date and bad ROMs,
and listing ROMs that you need.
See the ReadMe for more details.
There's a discussion forum here - you'll have to register before you can post.

MrTool version 1.05
MrTool latest ReadMe file
Visual Basic 5 Runtime (you may need this)